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hélène covili 1 Jun 2017
    J'ai acheté plusieurs produits tels que :
shampoings solides, après shampoing, crème hydratante visage et celle pour le corps aussi.
J'ai 57 ans et ai essayé tellement de produits divers et variés et la je peux dire que j'ai trouvé ce qui se fait de mieux pour ma peau.
Je recommande ces produits sans limite.
merci et surtout continuez !!!
Hélène (France)
Abbie Lee 4 May 2017
    In my bid to eliminate chemical based products and plastic waste from my life, I stumbled across Funky Soap. I started using Funky Soap solid shampoo bars and soap bars about six months ago an haven't looked back. I have straight, fine hair which now has more volume than ever and even a little kink to it. My skin is super soft and completely itch free. I can't recommend Funky Soap enough.
M Ayers 13 Apr 2017
    Have been using your soap bars and liquid hand soap for several months now, my cracked, sore skin problem has cleared up, my GP was right SLS soaps were the cause!
I bought a bar of your shaving soap for my Dad as a Christmas Stocking Filler - not sure what he would make of it - he is absolutely delighted, says it is the best shaving soap he has ever used, he is 84. Thank you for making us both happy!
Anisha Sentongo-Hudlin 3 Jan 2017
    Hi there,

I just want to thank you for these bars, They are a God send. I have been ordering from you for about 3 years now and don't see myself using any other type of shampoo.

As a woman of African descent with tightly coiled, dry hair, I had been searching for something to cleanse and yet moisturize my hair and this is it. I am also a youtuber and recently did a wash day video showing how I use your shampoo bar, I have since been asked to direct people to your website.

If you have any clients with curly,coily or kinky hair feel free to direct them to my video as it will help them to know how to use the bars with my texture of hair.

Best Wishes,

Anisha Sentongo-Hudlin
youtube - naturallyinspired11
email -
Jenny F 8 Nov 2016
    My husband is suffering from really bad Psoriasis in the scalp. During the years he has tried everything there is (and seen every specialist), to try to combat this disease. But nothing has helped! Then, 6 months ago, I got him some soap from "Funky Soap Shop", and he seemed to get a bit better. So I bought him more soaps, with different combinations of Neem, Te tree oil, and Aloe vera (also the Blackseed oil soap has shown to be very effective). I buy different soaps because we have noticed that Psoriasis is a disease you have to "trick" a bit, so it is good not to use exact same product all the time. Using these soaps as a schampoo, combined with unfiltered ecological applecider vinegar (last rinse), he is virtually Psoriasis free. Usually his psoriasis is triggerd by stress. But now, even during weeks with a lot of stress at work, the Psoriasis doesn't flare up as badly as it used to. It is a miracle!! Thank you so very very much for a fantastic product!
Sarah Godliman 15 Oct 2016
    Have bought many bars and think they brilliant. Thanks Sarah x