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Georgina Gittins 7 Oct 2017
    I'm so pleased that I accidentally found your webshop! Wow. The coffee shampoo bar gets chlorine out of my hair after swimming AND leaves it shinier and even curly instead of straight!! It's never looked so healthy. And the Moringa Soap has given my 60yr-old face a healthy blush - dull skin no more. You lot must have fairy dust at your factory.
Sarah Lieb 12 Aug 2017
    Hi there

I have ordered a solid shampoo bar (my first one ever) and a lip balm from you.
While I am still getting used to the shampoo, I love the lip balm (Aloe vera). It is the best one I have ever had!!
Thank you!
Ed E 29 Jul 2017
    I have been using the henna bar on my hair for over a year. I love it and do not use anything else so I am concerned because recently when I tried to make a new purchase, you're out of stock but not on Amazon prime where it is double the price. When will you be replenishing your stock?

Please could you update your website with this detail. I probably have 1 or 2 weeks left to use my current and only bar of shampoo.
hélène covili 1 Jun 2017
    J'ai acheté plusieurs produits tels que :
shampoings solides, après shampoing, crème hydratante visage et celle pour le corps aussi.
J'ai 57 ans et ai essayé tellement de produits divers et variés et la je peux dire que j'ai trouvé ce qui se fait de mieux pour ma peau.
Je recommande ces produits sans limite.
merci et surtout continuez !!!
Hélène (France)
Abbie Lee 4 May 2017
    In my bid to eliminate chemical based products and plastic waste from my life, I stumbled across Funky Soap. I started using Funky Soap solid shampoo bars and soap bars about six months ago an haven't looked back. I have straight, fine hair which now has more volume than ever and even a little kink to it. My skin is super soft and completely itch free. I can't recommend Funky Soap enough.
M Ayers 13 Apr 2017
    Have been using your soap bars and liquid hand soap for several months now, my cracked, sore skin problem has cleared up, my GP was right SLS soaps were the cause!
I bought a bar of your shaving soap for my Dad as a Christmas Stocking Filler - not sure what he would make of it - he is absolutely delighted, says it is the best shaving soap he has ever used, he is 84. Thank you for making us both happy!