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Allison Day 9 May 2018
    I bought your black seed solid shampoo. I wasn't expecting too much and I was very surprised at how it changed my hair from being flat and fine to healthy, bouncy and shiny. In just one shampoo. I've used it since and the great condition it leaves my hair in is lovely. no plastic containers and a very natural product. Brilliant!
Daiva Kazabuckaite 10 Feb 2018
    I have been using Rassoul clay shampoo bar for over a year. I have very oily scalp and rather dry ends, also, I was losing my hair. it worked like a miracle, although, it took a while to get used to this product. But the result was amazing, my hair looks so healthy, my oily scalp is under control, and most importantly after a few months of using this amazing shampoo bar, my hair has started to grow.They also have an amazing conditioner with rassoul clay, I honestly can't recommend enough, just need a little bit of patience and time to get used to it but in the end, it will be worth it.
Helen Fletcher 5 Nov 2017
    I'm so glad I tried your shampoo bars! Since having to go SLS etc. free and being on meds that started to my make my hair snap and fall out, I've been using the Tea Tree & Neem Oil bar (one of the two you kindly recommended) for over a year now, and my hair's never been better. Even my hairdresser commented on how healthy it looked, which surprised me given how long I'd put off going to him for. What amazes me even more is that my skin gets on fine with them too - my skin hates everything!
Thank you for making such a great product, and being so lovely to a customer who was fretting over losing her hair and had no clue what she was doing. I don't hesitate to recommend them to anyone and everyone :)
Georgina Gittins 7 Oct 2017
    I'm so pleased that I accidentally found your webshop! Wow. The coffee shampoo bar gets chlorine out of my hair after swimming AND leaves it shinier and even curly instead of straight!! It's never looked so healthy. And the Moringa Soap has given my 60yr-old face a healthy blush - dull skin no more. You lot must have fairy dust at your factory.
Sarah Lieb 12 Aug 2017
    Hi there

I have ordered a solid shampoo bar (my first one ever) and a lip balm from you.
While I am still getting used to the shampoo, I love the lip balm (Aloe vera). It is the best one I have ever had!!
Thank you!
Ed E 29 Jul 2017
    I have been using the henna bar on my hair for over a year. I love it and do not use anything else so I am concerned because recently when I tried to make a new purchase, you're out of stock but not on Amazon prime where it is double the price. When will you be replenishing your stock?

Please could you update your website with this detail. I probably have 1 or 2 weeks left to use my current and only bar of shampoo.