Product Rating
5 / 5
Excellent. Very impressed.
Mike s. 6/26/2022 at 14h07
5 / 5
This balm is lovely, and a little of it goes a long way! It smells quite strong, but I like it - it just serves to show how packed full of goodness it is! I have an oily T-zone, but applying the equivalent facial oil in the daytime and this balm at night has resulted in less excess oil on my skin than I would get from a cream moisturiser. It also leaves my skin smoother and better moisturised. It absorbs more easily whilst skin is damp.
Emma P. 8/24/2020 at 10h51
5 / 5
Feels nice and smells good. Still looking for signs of rejuvenation! .
Anne H. 12/17/2019 at 07h40
5 / 5
I really love the face balm. My skin feels already different after 1 week.
Jessica M. 11/18/2019 at 14h15