Product Rating
5 / 5
Very good moisturising cream!
Marie-Hélène H. 5/12/2019 at 11h46
5 / 5
Having oily skin (even though I'm approaching 60)!, over the years used many branded moisturisers from all price ranges and I've ended up with milia under my eyes from too gloopy products and still (at my age) break out. The Calendula & Hemp Moisturiser is thick-ish so I only put a dab between my fingers and apply to my face which is plenty. It feels lovely, my face is soft, not too oily or dry and I've had no break outs. A large tub and very good value - and no chemicals! Recommended 100%.
Kay W. 2/11/2019 at 12h17
5 / 5
This is rich but light. I usually don't like the feel of moisturiser but it feels like this actually soaks in and improves my skin. I don't feel like I'm sweating it off an hour later. A smidge goes a long way, so it's really good value for money too. I am a moisturiser convert. :).
Natalie J. 1/21/2019 at 23h31
3 / 5
Light and creamy.
Anja. 12/18/2018 at 16h33
5 / 5
Find this suits my combination skin well.
Catriona A. 10/7/2018 at 09h06
5 / 5
Love this stuff! Doing great things for my skin.
Diana B. 8/4/2018 at 19h11
5 / 5
Moisturizers well and is smooth and not greasy.
MRS A. 6/24/2018 at 19h46