What is the PH of your soap and shampoo bars?
    Cold process soap is naturally alkaline. Our soaps have to have a pH between 8.5 and 9.5. Industrial made
soap has an average pH of 10.5, while the pH of quality handmade soap can be as low as 8.5. Any so called soap products that with a pH
lower than 8 are in fact "synthetic detergents” and only soaps with a pH of 10 or higher are drying to the skin. The batches are tested with test stops to ensure the ph on all our batches.

While it's true that some industrial made soaps reaches a pH level of 7, and they market that idea as being somehow "better" that real soap (which typically has a PH balance between 9 and 10) the truth is that the PH level of a bar of soap is not nearly as important as what the bar actually contains. This is because whatever is on the bar will transfer to your skin, and ultimately be absorbed by your body. All natural soap contains no chemical additives and therefore you won't absorb any harmful agents into your body.