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Catherine Green 1 Sep 2019
    This is my second purchase of the facial soaps / soap shampoo & conditioner.

Yet again I am very happy with the products and the service. In my opinion the prices are very reasonable and I will continue to purchase from this company. I bought the liquorice root complexion soap, the charcoal cleansing soap, the solid conditioner bar for dry hair and the soapnut and avocado shampoo. Great stuff !!
Simona Pau 30 Aug 2019
    My first purchase a couple of months ago was a shampoo bar, solid conditioner and dead sea soap. The shampoo bar was not for my hair, but the conditioner is good (though next time I'll buy the one for dry hair); the face soap is excellent. On my second purchase I bought the dead sea face soap again plus the charcoal one - I recommend them highly. I have mature combination skin and the charcoal in particular is helping with outbreaks. I have also bought the Jasmine body milk - fabulous scent (not the synthetic type) and the skin is soft as a baby's. Very happy with the products.
Claire L 19 Jul 2019
    Fantastic products, initially shampoo bars look pricey but last longer, for a much nicer product! I like to cut mine so I can rotate through different shampoos quicker. Thoroughly recommend however our water is artificially softened which makes a huge difference, so you might want to try a trial bar to see if the change is for you if you are in a hard water area. Having soap bars instead of "loud" attention grabbing products has made by shower look tidier. Thoroughly recommended.
Leonora Randall 20 Jun 2019
    Absolutely love the Apricot Kernel Soap
Have converted my husband We use no other products for bath shower and hair Am evangelising friends !
K White 17 Jan 2019
    Been low-poo for years plus buying Funkysoap products on and off, but could never get past the waxy feeling in my hair so gave up on the shampoo's a year ago. Tried again a month ago and success!! No waxiness at all this time and no transition .....

I use the baby soap for my body, liquorice soap for my face and the Sea Kelp & Rhassoul shampoo bar ... oh and love the conditioner bar too though only need it for the ends.

Love my showers!!
Georgina Gittins 15 Oct 2018
    I've been using Funky Soap and Shampoo bars for over a year now, trying different ones each time I order. The Dead Sea Salt soap is incredible - my skin is so silky and soft!!!