Let’s talk about aromatherapy ....... Focusing on your pulse points is key for a quick relaxation boost because the blood flow near your skin helps essential oils get into your system fast. Picking oils you like makes it a personal feel-good experience.
We’re all about blending pure essential oils with good carriers like Vitamin E Oil. Putting this mix on your pulse points really amps up the benefits, whether you want to chill, feel grounded, or get an energy boost. Breathing in that scent is important too, as your breathing system plays a part in soaking it all in.
For a quick wellness fix, our roll-ons are handy. Just apply them on your pulse points, and you’ll get aromatherapy perks right away. Each blend is made with care to not only lift your mood, your spirit but also give you a moment to relax, no matter where you are during the day.
maaliskuu 02, 2024 — Antje Kriesche