Oily Hair

Babassu Oil Shampoo, Palm Free And Vegan, Approx 120g
£ 5.70
This is a solid shampoo bar created with babassu oil as well as cocoa, shea butter and soapnut. It is completely palm oil free and vegan. Babassu oil is the perfect oil for treating damaged and brittle hair. Your hair will be glossy and shiny while It helps to restore the lost elasticity in your hair and makes it appear voluminous and full. The added oils contain acids that can work miracles with dry scalp.
Sea Kelp And Rhassoul Clay Solid Shampoo Bar, Natural & Handmade, Approx 120g
£ 5.20
This is a solid shampoo bar containing sea kelp and rhassoul clay, which has been infused in olive oil 2 weeks prior to the making. Sea kelp is great for strengthening and thickening your hair and promote hair growth. Rhassoul clay is full of minerals and will help combat oily hair without stripping the natural oils while increasing the hairs elasticity as well as unblocking your scalp's pores eliminating scalp conditions like dandruff.