Shaving Soap Bars

Citrus & Aloe Vera Shaving Soap, Natural & Handmade, Approx 120g
£ 5.20
This is a unique shaving soap made with bentonite clay, aloe vera and many essential oils to sooth and moistures your skin. When combined with a shaving brush it creates a wonderful luxurious lather which will soften your beard hair , protect the skin, lubricate and help the razor glide. 
Funky Beard & Body Shampoo,  Approx 120g
£ 5.20
This is a solid shampoo bar especially formulate to gently cleanse your face and beard. Just use like a soap and lather up between your beard and rinse throughly. It contains moisturising hemp oil and shea butter, leaving your skin and beard feeling fresh, cleansed and happy!