Tea Tree And Lemon Hair Conditioner, 1 Bottle Of 250ml

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Tea Tree And Lemon Hair Conditioner, 1 Bottle Of 250ml
  • Tea Tree And Lemon Hair Conditioner, 1 Bottle Of 250ml
  • Tea Tree And Lemon Hair Conditioner, 1 Bottle Of 250ml
This conditioner contains essential oils of tea tree, lemon and lime to refresh your hair and soothe your scalp. They are all beneficial for hair and scalp. This conditioner is especially formulated for all hair types and will add shine and moisture as well as detangle and nourish your hair. This can also be used as a leave in conditioner for a deeper treatment. Use after our shampoo bars or our liquid shampoos. Place a small amount in your hand and massage into your hair. Leave in for a minute or if you want a deeper treatment leave in for longer. Rinse properly with water, followed by a vinegar rinse to add even more shine (small amount of vinegar diluted in warm water poured over you hair. Don't worry the smell will go!) this product contains a small amount of the approved preservative optiphen. Optiphen is a formaldehyde and paraben free preservative. Without this, the product would not be usable for more than 3 weeks. Please keep out of eyes! Please shake before use! 

Aqua, Emulsifying Wax Nf, Prunus Amygdalus Oil (Sweet Almond Oil), Cannabis Sativa Oil (Hemp Oil), Vegetable Glycerin, Spinacia Oleracea Powder (Spinach), Citrus Limonum Oil (Lemon), Melaleuca Alternifolia Oil (Tea Tree), Citrus Aurantifolia Oil (Lime) Geraniol, Limonene, Linalool, Citral, Eugenol, Citronellol, Isoeugenlol (Within The Essential Oils), Optiphen (Formaldehyde And Paraben Free Preservative)


Our products are all 100% natural and handmade in small batches. Shape, colour, scent, size and appearance can vary slightly between batches and it is in the nature of this product. As they are all natural scents they might not be as strong or develop when in use.
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Lovely, however you can't really use on your roots as it makes it very greasy. Great for the ends though! My issue is with the packaging rather than the product, very sad to find its in plastic bottles. I have the tea tree face wash and thats in glass which is great, can you not just repeat the process please?
Philippa R.