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K White 17 Jan 2019
    Been low-poo for years plus buying Funkysoap products on and off, but could never get past the waxy feeling in my hair so gave up on the shampoo's a year ago. Tried again a month ago and success!! No waxiness at all this time and no transition .....

I use the baby soap for my body, liquorice soap for my face and the Sea Kelp & Rhassoul shampoo bar ... oh and love the conditioner bar too though only need it for the ends.

Love my showers!!
Georgina Gittins 15 Oct 2018
    I've been using Funky Soap and Shampoo bars for over a year now, trying different ones each time I order. The Dead Sea Salt soap is incredible - my skin is so silky and soft!!!
Deb Laramie 24 Sep 2018
    I love Funky shampoo bars! I immediately saw great results. I do not have to wash may hair daily and still have light fluffy hair. I found the trick to omitting a conditioner is the Funky shampoo bar and combing my hair thoroughly twice daily (morning and night) to distribute the natural oils sitting at my roots. It feels good to ditch the bottle!
Debbie Booth 12 Jul 2018
    I bought a selection of shampoo bars, conditioner bars and body bars. I have been on shampoo bar and conditioner for two weeks now and I have noticed a complete difference to my hair and how soft it feel and clean it is after every wash. My hair has been in its best ever condition. I am now a complete convert to solid shampoo.
Katherine C 19 Jun 2018
    I've just switched to shampoo bars and after an initial period of transition (about 4 washes), I'm converted! Your ACV rinse made all the difference and replacing my shower head with a filtered one (easy to find on Amazon) as I live in London and have hard water made a massive difference too! Can't wait to try all your bars. In your face, well-known high street brand! We don't need your over-priced, chemical-laden and fake marketed products!
Lindsaye Briscoe 18 Jun 2018
    I already make my own skin creams but was dismayed by the amount of plastic bottles in our shower and decided to look for an alternative. Yes, the first couple of weeks of shampoo were tough going, but I stuck with it and I am so glad I did. I use the butter bar as I have coloured hair. I no longer need a separate conditioner and without conditioner don't need styling products either, so more packaging and financial savings. I was interested to know what my hairdresser thought, so didn't tell her what I was using and she was amazed at the condition of my hair.