The reason I always wanted to make a good and chemical free sunscreen is that I had skin cancer a few years ago. Fortunately, it was detected early and could be removed with surgery. The scar is still visible on my face to remind me. But ever since then I have been searching for "my" sunscreen. I have very sensitive skin and had allegic reactions to a lot of the commercial sunscreens. This idea has now come to life with our project, and I hope you can support us on the journey. We have already developed the product over the last 12 months and tested it on humans of course. Now we need to take the next step and submit our Sunscreen for UVA and UVB testing as well as the normal tests any cream will have to go trough until it can be released on to the market. We need help with this. It is a big project and cost. We of course would like to compensate you for your help. You receive a tub of our Natural Mineral Sunscreen priror to its release and to a discounted price. Our Sunscreen will retail for £17 and you will receive yours for £10 you have pledged plus shipping. There are also several add on rewards you can choose from like a handmade soap or a lip balm. 

Please if you can support our fundraising Campaign on Kickstarter. Thank you so much!

Kickstarter Campaign

23 mayo 2023 — Antje Kriesche